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Note: This page is specifically for frequently asked questions about the iHeadache App for Apple iOS. Click here for FAQs about iHeadache Online.

Q: Does the iHeadache Apple App for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) sync with the website headache diary, iHeadache Online™, and will my headache data be shown in both diaries?
A: The iHeadache Apple App and iHeadache Online do not sync at this time therefore data that you enter in the app will not be available in iHeadache Online.  iHeadache Online is currently available as a beta site so that users can test it and report any bugs or errors that they find. We anticipate adding the sync functionality once the site has been fully tested and we have the resources to do this.

iHeadache does not have a commercial sponsor at this time so new functionality such as this may be delayed until funding is received. If you would like to donate to iHeadache and support future development then click here.

Q: What is the difference between the free ad-supported iHeadache App and the paid iHeadache App on the Apple App Store?
A: The apps are identical and have the exact same functionality. Advertising appears in the free app but the paid app does not have advertising.

Note: The fully functional free app is only available in the US Apple App Store. We have a free app in other countries called iHeadache Lite. iHeadache Lite only allows you to save a maximum of two weeks of data.

Q: Are you going to develop an Android app?
A: We have discussed developing an app for Android devices but because there is such a large variety of devices, screen sizes, cell carriers, and operating system versions - we have decided that it would be very hard for us to support our users and maintain the high standards we are known for. We would like Android users to try accessing iHeadache Online, our web-based headache diary, from their mobile devices. We are considering developing a mobile enhanced version of iHeadache Online that is optimized for viewing on mobile devices but this will not happen unless we happen to get commercial sponsorship or support.

Q: What happened to your iHeadache BlackBerry app?
A: Our BlackBerry app was developed for the original BlackBerry smart phones and it is not compatible with the new BlackBerry phones (Q10, Z10 and others). Unfortunately Research In Motion did not create a way for app developers to port their apps to run on the new BlackBerry phones so we have stopped supporting our current BlackBerry app.

Q: Are you going to develop a new iHeadache BlackBerry App?
A: At this time our resources are focused on iHeadache Online, our web-based headache diary, and we do not anticipate developing a new BlackBerry app. You may be able to access and use iHeadache Online from your BlackBerry phone.

Q: Are the iHeadache reports easy to understand?
A: The reports are written with the intent that your physician will analyze the data and utilize it in order to optimize your treatment plan. However, we want the patient to find them useful too. They are formatted so that the data is summarized, clearly labeled, easy to read and easy to understand. View a sample report.

Q: How do I access the reports about my headache and how can I share them with my physician?
A: Reports can be accessed a couple of ways. You can simply view them on your device or you can e-mail them through the e-mail interface on your device to yourself or anyone you wish. Once iHeadache App is able to sync with iHeadache Online, you will be able to login to our website and download your reports. You will also have the ability to give your physician permission to access to your headache diary

Q: How do I contact support?
A: Please use our online form if you need help, have discovered a bug, would like to suggest some enhancements or regarding any other issues.

Q: Why doesn't iHeadache track sinus headaches?
A: In the SUMMIT study, the largest medical study on sinus headaches, 3000 patients who saw their regular physician for recurrent sinus headaches were studied. The study found that 88% of the patients who originally thought they had sinus headaches actually had migraines or probable migraines. A smaller number of them had tension headaches. Only 8 patients out of 3000 had underlying sinus disease and were having sinus headaches. Therefore, iHeadache attempts to determine if the recurrent sinus headaches meet criteria for Tension, Probable Migraine, or Migraine Headache. You can read more about sinus headaches here.

Q: Does iHeadache track cluster headaches?
A: At this time iHeadache only classifies migraines, probable migraines and tension headaches. You can use iHeadache to track the number of headaches you are having during your cluster cycle, pain level, acute treatments and preventative treatments. We recommend that you skip the section where you enter symptoms since they do not apply to cluster headaches but note that your headaches will be labeled as "unclassified headaches".

Q: Does Better QOL care about the medical community?
A: Yes, we have established a non-profit and a portion of our proceeds is donated to medical research. Click here to read more about The Foundation for a Better QOL.

Q: Do I need internet access on my iPod Touch or iPad to use iHeadache?
A: If you are running iHeadache on an iPod Touch or iPad then once it is installed you do not need internet access to run the app. If you are using the free version of iHeadache that has ads then you will need to connect to the internet once every 30 days while the app is open to check-in with our ad server.

Q: What documentation is available to help me understand how to use iHeadache?
A: Video tutorials are available to show you show to enter a headache, setup your medication profile, and generate reports. We also have a quick start guide and a user manual which are both available in PDF.

Q: I am having trouble saving notes.
A: In earlier versions of iHeadache, special characters like apostrophe (') and ampersand (&) prevented notes from saving. This was corrected in version 1.3.  If you are having this problem please install our most recent update.

Q: E-mailed reports are incomplete. What is causing this?
A: In older versions of iHeadache there was an issue when an ampersand character (&) was in the notes field.  It prevented the "e-mail report" feature from sending a complete report. This was a bug in the interaction between iHeadache and the Mail application.  It has been fixed in later versions of iHeadache.  If you are having this problem, go to the App Store and load the update for iHeadache.